MVMS Directory

Instructional Staff

6th Grade

Ms. Bean (Special Ed Teacher) -

Mrs. Dobe (English Language Arts / Social Studies) -

Mrs. Kilmister (Science) -

Mrs. King (Math) -

Mrs. Lochhead (Social Studies)-

Mr. MacNeill (English Language Arts) -

Mrs. Money (Special Ed Teacher) -

Mrs. Piroso (Math) -

Mr. Smith (Special Education Teacher) -

Mrs. Tilton (Science) -

Mrs. Wilson (Special Education Teacher) -

7th Grade

Mrs. Ciarametaro (English Language Arts) -

Mr. Diachenko (Math)

Mrs. Hand (Social Studies)

Mr. Irving (Science) -

Mrs. John (Social Studies) -

Mr. Kleckner (Special Education Teacher) -

Mrs. Malone (Math) -

Mrs. Money (Special Education Teacher)-

Mrs. Mullen (Science) -

Ms. Stack (English Language Arts -

Mrs. Sweet (Special Education Teacher) -

Mrs. Wilson (Special Education Teacher) -

8th Grade

Ms. Dunn (Social Studies) -

Ms. Jessica Hallee (Science) -

Mr. Kimball (Science) -

Ms. Lund (Special Education Teacher) -

Mr. Mahoney (Special Education Teacher) -

Mrs. Money (Special Education Teacher) -

Mrs. Newton (Social Studies) -

Mrs. Puntin (Math / Social Studies) -

Mr. Sargent (Math) -

Ms. Still (Language Arts) -

Mr. Wheeler -

Mrs. Wilson (Special Education Teacher) -

Unified Arts

Mrs. Barbour (Health) -

Mr. Caswell (Physical Education) -

Ms. Costa (Choral Director / Music) -

Mrs. Cutter (Family & Consumer Science) -

Mr. Ginty (Project Lead the Way) -

Mr. Livernois (Band Director / Music) -

Mrs. Hassapes (French) -

Mrs. Herrmann (Innovation Lab) -

Mrs. Jordan-Foote (Spanish) -

Mrs. Lincoln (Art) -

Mr. McNutt (Physical Education) -

Ms. Smart (Art) -

Other Staff


Mrs. Gaudette (Associate Director of Student Support Services) -

Mr. Lynch (Principal) -

Mr. Kelly O'Brien (Assistant Principal) -


Mr. Wheeler (Athletic Director) -

Mr. McNutt (Athletic Director) -

Food Service

Mr. Michael (District Food Services Director) -

Mrs. Gregg (MVMS Cafeteria Manager) -


Mrs. Boucher (part time) -

Ms. Jeski (full time)i -

Office Support Staff

Mrs. Marla Miller (Office Staff Manager) -

Mrs. Angela Bailey ( Administrative Assistant) -

Mrs. LaBrecque (Administrative Assistant) -

School Resource Officer

Officer Dan White -


Mr. John - Permanent Substitute -

Mrs. Bell (Occupational Therapist) -

Mrs. Rathbone (Speech and Language Assistant) -

Mrs. Lafleur (Reading Specialist) -

Ms. Walsh (Speech and Language Pathologist) -

Mrs. Searah (Library Media Specialist) -

Mrs. Tammy Miller (Instructional Innovator) -

Student Services

Mrs. Brodeur (Last Name A-K School Counselor) -

Mrs. Zeller (Last Name L-Z School Counselor) -

Mrs. Durrell (Administrative Assistance) -

Ms. Aversa (MVMS Social Worker) -

Paraprofessional Support Staff

Mrs. Ball

Mrs. Bode

Mrs. Bodell

Mrs. Caldwell

Ms. Coogan

Mrs. Easler

Mrs. Grandmont

Mr. Irving

Ms. John

Mr. Jones

Mr. Kaempfer

Ms. Lauren

Ms. Mahoney

Ms. Malandrino

Mrs. Marcel

Ms. McFarland

Mrs. Morrill

Ms. Morton

Ms. Nichols

Mrs. Orlando

Ms. Poulin

Mr. Ramsden

Mrs. Ward