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MVMS Weekly Parent Update

June 9, 2017

We had a great PTO meeting on June 6, with new board members voted in.  We are looking forward to an exciting upcoming year and new opportunities.


Fall Sports sign-ups will take place during guided study on Monday, June 12th. All current 6th and 7th grade students interested in participating in football, soccer, field hockey, and cross country will have the opportunity to come to the gym and sign up.


Wednesday, June 14 will be the last day off AAP.


We are moving into the final stretch now that June has arrived.  Teachers and students are still working hard in the classrooms.  We do have some fun activities/field trips coming up during the month of June.  We are looking forward to our learners successful finish to the year, both academically and behaviorally.


June 23 will be the last day of school for students.  We will be holding a pep rally and field day activities.


We recognized our IB Balanced Learners at our monthly luncheon in the Library Media Center on Thursday, June 1.  Congratulations on a job well-done.  


PRIDE Night has been set for June 22 at 6:00 pm!  Mark your calendars for this wonderful celebration of our 8th grade students.


Reminder to our Student Athletes - Trimester 3 grades in effort and citizenship will affect eligibility to play MS Fall Sports!


The staff and volunteers of the Concord Public Library are partnering with local schools to encourage summer reading among our middle school students. Books will be for sale from May 30 until June 30 on the first floor of the library just past the foyer. Hardbacks and paperbacks will all be just $.25.


Upcoming Dates:

6/16 - 7th Grade to Hampton Beach

        6/16 - 8th Grade Luau 6:00-7:30

    6/21 - Grade 8 to Ellacoya State Park

                    6/22 - PRIDE Night 6:00 pm

                    6/23 - Last day of school


Warm Regards,  Kara

Suggestions for Success
In pursuit of our mission of teaching students to be active learners, critical thinkers and responsible citizens we encourage students to exemplify 10 learner profile characteristics: Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open Minded, Caring, Risk-Taker, Balanced and Reflective. It is our belief that achieving these goals are possible with a strong partnership between home and school. We ask that parents establish a routine of engaging their students in conversations about their learning experiences. Positive expectations are powerful motivators! Each student will be provided with a planner that includes the school handbook and assignment calendar. We ask students to use these to plan out long-term assignments, manage their time and record homework. Please review these with your students regularly, this will help keep you informed as to their learning and allow you to assist them in their organization. The Merrimack Valley School District has a new website! This valuable tool can be used to access relevant school information, district, building and teacher calendars, co-curricular information and stay up to date on all of the latest MVMS events. In addition to regularly accessing our website, we encourage you to track your student’s learning progress on Web2School, a link is available on our webpage. 6th grade students will receive their login information from Guided Study teachers at our Open House.


To ensure the safety of all students and staff at MVMS we request that students arrive for the school day no earlier than 7:20 and be dropped off at the far end of the first parking lot by the bright green signs. Please form a single file line in the center of the parking lot and pull up to the sign before releasing your student. Please do not pass other cars when in the parking lot! When picking up your student at the end of the school day we ask that cars follow the same procedure being careful not to block the building entrance or handicap parking spaces. This will also help to alleviate congestion in the lot.

Please remember that NH statute and MVSD policy requires MVMS students be current on their immunizations. Prior to entering 6th grade students need to have received both the varicella #2 vaccine as well as the Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, acellular, pertussis) vaccine. Documentation of these immunizations needs to be given to Ms. Marie Jones, the school nurse, and any questions that you have may also be directed to her at

The school dress code is included in the student handbook and can also be viewed on the school website. We ask that students wear shorts and skirts that extend to mid thigh while sitting and standing. If students opt to wear spandex under shorts or skirts then those must extend to mid thigh. Leggings must be accompanied by appropriate outwear including long shirts, skirts or shorts. Tank tops must have straps that are at least 2 inches thick. We appreciate your help in reminding students of this before they head out the door in the morning.

In order to decrease learning distraction student are asked to power off their electronic devices during school hours and leave them in their locked locker. If you need to communicate with your student during the school day please contact the main office and we will get a message to your student. Thank you in advance for your support with this policy.

We look forward to celebrating the start of the school year with you on September 8th from 6:00-7:30 at our annual Open House. There will be opportunities to tour the school, meet teachers and learn about curriculum.