School Nurse

School Nurses
Marie Jones, RN, BS, NCSN
Michelle Boucher, RN, BSN(part time 9:15-2:15)
Phone 753-6336 
Fax 753-8107

A dental clinic provided by NHTI  is available at the high school at no cost. If any parent/guardian would like their child  seen please notify Mrs. Jones to have a form sent home with your child. 

Tdap before entering grade 6
When a child is 11 years of age or older on the first day of school and it has been 5 years or longer since the last documented dose of a tetanus toxoid containing immunization, the child shall receive a one-time dose of tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis(Tdap) vaccine, except if the child has a medical contraindication to pertussis vaccine, in which case the child shall receive tetanus diphtheria (Td) vaccine.  Then, boost every 10 years with Td.

All children in grades 6-8 should have received two valid doses of varicella vaccine or documentation from parent or health care provider of having had the chicken pox disease.  

A sports physical must be on file in the health office dated after 1/1/16 to participate in the sports program for grade 6, after 1/1/15 for grade 7 and after 1/1/14 for grade 8.

May only be carried by students that have documentation on file in the health office. If you have any questions please contact Nurse Jones

Free/Reduced Lunch 
Parents/Guardians may apply  at anytime during the school year. If your child receives free lunch they may also eat breakfast at school at no cost. For a form call the main office or school nurse.

Immunizations and Sport Physicals are available at Convenient MD Urgent Care 8 Loudon Rd. Concord. Open 8am-8pm seven days @ week.   No appointment needed.

Breakfast: Please encourage your child to  eat breakfast daily. If they just aren't able to eat that early in the day, packaged non-perishable snacks may be kept in their locker. Also, if your child receives free/reduced lunch this also covers breakfast.

Lunch: Please fill out the form which goes home with your child @ the start of the school year if you think that he/she is eligible

Coughs/Minor Sore Throats: Drink lots of water.
 Cough Drops: Students are encouraged to bring their own from home and get a cough drop pass from the health office.

Health Care Provider Visits: When your child is seen for illness, immunizations, physicals/injuries please request written documentation from that visit and present it to the health office.

Staying Healthy: Hand washing with soap and water is the number one defense against illness. Also, keeping your hands away from your face, nose and mouth helps to prevent illness. In between times, an alcohol based hand sanitizer (like Purell) helps in controlling the spread of germs.

Staying hydrated: It's encouraged that  students drink lots of water. A clear water bottle may be in the classroom with students.