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Student Services


6th Grade   Diana Zeller
7th Grade   Lori Brodeur
8th Grade Grade   Ray Carpenter

MV School Counseling Program Mission Statement
The mission of the MVMS School Counseling Program is to help prepare students to become effective learners, achieve success in school, live successful and rewarding lives, and develop into contributing members of our society. The School Counseling Program will promote and enhance student learning through the three broad and interrelated areas of student development which are: core educational development, individual/social development, and career development.

MVMS School Counselors help our student find success in school by:

Helping develop positive attitudes among students towards self, family, and community.

Counseling with students individually and in groups to understand and appreciate their unique qualities and to grow personally and socially.

Supporting students in developing an individual plan for academic success.

Working collaboratively with students, parents, and teachers to identify and remove barriers that may impede student achievement.

How and Why do Parents Contact the School Counselor?
Concerns over student achievement
Family health problems
New school orientation
Test interpretation
Discussing needs of their child
Early discussion of potential crises
How Does a Student See a Counselor?
parent referral
Administrative referral
Teacher or other staff referral
Referral by friend(s)