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Allard, Liz Custodian  
Banaian, Deborah 8th Grade Science Mrs. Banaian's website 
Barbour, Laurie Health Teacher  
Bean Warren, Kristen 6th Grade Special Education Panthers  
Blackford, Kelly Kitchen   
Boucher, Michelle Nurse (Part-time)  
Bourque, Tammy Paraprofessional  
Brodeur, Lori School Counselor Grade 7  
Burnell, Anthony 7th Grade Special Education Bobcats  
Burr, Robert 8th Grade Math Mr. Burr's website  
Caldwell, Deb Paraprofessional  
Carpenter, Raymond School Counselor Grade 8  
Caswell, Chris Physical Education Mr. Caswell's website 
Chapman, Jill Paraprofessional  
Ciarametaro,Kelly Language Arts/Reading Mrs. Ciarametaro's website 
Coogan, Jamie Paraprofessional  
Costa, Alyssa Choral Director/Music Ms. Costa's website 
Cutter, Kim Family and Consumer Science Mrs. Cutter's website 
Dalton, Cindy Paraprofessional  
Deshaies, Katie Grade 7 Special Education Jaguars  
Dickenson, Ted Custodian  
Dobe, Nancy 6th Grade ELA Panthers  
Dunn, Lisa 8th Grade Social Studies Ms. Dunn's website 
Durgin, Barbara Food Service  
Durrell, Amy Administrative Assistant for Guidance Dept.  
Easler, Stephanie Paraprofessional  
Gaudette, Julie Associate Director of Student Support Services  
Ginty, Chris Project Lead the Way Mr. Ginty's website 
Grandmont, Lori Paraprofessional  
Greene, Robynn 7th Grade Science  
Gregg, Michelle Food Services  
Hamilton, Jeff 8th Grade Science Teacher Mr. Hamilton's website  
Herrmann, Rebekkah Innovation Lab Instructor  
Hill, Pamela Mentor  
Irving, Chris Classroom Aide, Boys Soccer  
Irving, David 7th Grade Science Mr. Irving's website 
Jeski, Shannon Nurse  
John, Kristen 7th Grade Social Studies Mrs. John's website 
Johnson, Kate Paraprofessional  
Jones, Ryan Paraprofessional  
Jordan-Foote, Lorieal Spanish Mrs. Jordan-Foote's website 
Kaempfer, Maxwell Paraprofessional  
Kilmister, Shelby 6th Grade Science/Reading Ms. Reed's website 
Kimball, Mark 8th Grade Social Studies Mr. Kimball's website 
King, Rebecca 6th Grade Math Mrs. King's website 
Krouzek, Amanda Paraprofessional  
Labrecque, Diane Adminstrative Assistant  
Lafleur, Lisa Reading Specialist Mrs. Lafleur's website 
Lamontagne, Kara Principal  
Lankhorst, Janet Paraprofessional  
Lauren, Jane Paraprofessional  
Lincoln, Jennifer Visual Arts Ms. Lincoln's website 
Livernois,Mike Band Director/Music Mr. Livernois website 
Lochhead, Terri 6th Grade Social Studies Mrs. Lochhead's website 
Longvall, Kathy Custodian  
Lund, Allison Grade 8 Special Education Lions Ms. Lund's website 
Lynch, Brian Assistant Principal  
MacNeill, David 6th Grade ELA Pumas  
Mahoney, Micheal Grade 8 Special Education Lynx Mr. Mahoney's Website 
Malone, Laura 7th Grade Math  Mrs. Malone's website 
Marcel, Dawn Paraprofessional  
McNutt, Bob Physical Education Teacher Mr. McNutt's website 
Mead, Karen Paraprofessional  
Miller, Marla Office Manager  
Miller, Tammy ICT Mrs. Miller's website 
Money, Karen Special Education/Pride Room  
Morton, Sue Paraprofessional  
Newton, Andrea 8th Grade ELA Mrs. Newton's website 
Orlando, Gloria Paraprofessional  
Piroso, Beth 6th Grade Math Mrs. Piroso's website 
Puntin, Beverly 7th Grade Social Studies/Math Mrs. Puntin's website 
Ramsden, Cathy Administrative Assistant  
Ramsden, Philip Paraprofessional  
Rathbone, Richard Paraprofessional  
Ruwell, Chris Family and Consumer Science Mrs. Ruwell's website 
Sargent, John 8th Grade Math Lynx  
Searah, Krystal Library/Media Specialist Ms. Heins website 
Smart, Samantha Art Teacher Ms. Smart's website 
Smith, Bret 6th Grade Special Education Pumas Mr. Smith's website  
Stack, Meghan 7th Grade Language Arts/Reading Ms. Stack's website 
Still, Lisa 6th Grade Language Arts/Reading Mrs. Still's website 
Tilton, Kimberlee 6th Grade Science Mrs. Tilton's website 
Urie, Laura Counselor  
Vendt, Martha Paraprofessional  
West-Senor, Kendra Kitchen  
Wheeler, Sean 8th Grade Language Arts/Reading Mr. Wheeler's website 
Wilson, Kate FACT Teacher Mrs. Wilson's website 
Zeller, Diana School Counselor Grade 6  
Showing 89 items