Club or Activities 
Fall: Cross Country (Running), Boys & Girls, Soccer,
Winter:  Boys & Girls Basketball, Spirit
Spring:  Baseball, Softball, Track,
Band & Jazz Band - Mr. Livernois
Band meets during the school day during Pride Block.   There is a 6th grade band and a 7th & 8th grade band.
Jazz Band is open to grades 6-8.  Auditions are required to join.  Practice is once a week after school.  Both groups perform at school concerts.  
Beekeeping Club - Mrs. Herrmann
Bee club meets regularly in the fall and spring. This club is for 6th, 7th & 8th graders.  Members learn about bees and keep a bee hive. There is a fee and parents are encouraged to participate.
Book Club - Mrs. Ciarametaro
Meets  about twice a month to enjoy all things book-related!  We have discussions, crafts, see movies made from books, help with the Book Fair set-up and other activities.  Open to grades 6-8.
Chess Club - Mrs. Piroso
Open to 6th-8th graders. Play chess weekly through the winter. For learning, fun and competition. 
Chorus & Vocal Ensemble - Miss. Costa 
Chorus meets during Pride Block, alternating days with band (so you can do both activities if you wish). There is a 6th grade chorus and a 7th & 8th grade chorus.
Vocal Ensemble is open to grades 6-8.  Auditions are required to join.  Practice is once a week after school.  Both groups perform at school concerts.  
Multimedia Club - Ms. Smart
Learn to utilize technology for various media projects.
Ms. Smart
Drama Club -  Ms. Costa
Meets weekly during the winter and early spring. Rehearsals and production of a short play in the evening.  Art Club works with Drama to create the sets.  Open to 6th-8th graders.

Ecology/Recycling Club  -  Mrs. John
Learn about ecology and help with recycling in our school. Open to 6th-8th graders.  The club meet regularly.

Gardening Club - Mrs. Newton
Open to all grades. Meets mostly in the spring.  Work in the greenhouse, grow plants, help with community gardens.  Develop your “green thumb” with this club!
Mrs. Newton 
Math Team  
Math team meets 1-3 times a month.  This club starts in November and ends in April. They practice to compete in math competitions at other schools. This club is for 7th & 8th graders and is available to 6th graders with teacher recommendation.  

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) - Miss. Dunn & Mrs. Malone 
This club meets several times a year. It is for 7th & 8th graders only and you must apply to join. Acceptance is based on academics, recommendations and community service. Club members participate in several community service projects.  Current members will meet on October 2nd afterschool until 3:30 in room 209

Writing Club - Mrs. Searah
"The Writing Club meets bi-weekly and is open to all 6-8 graders. During meetings, students are given the opportunity to write creatively on topics of their choice. Students will brainstorm, play word games, and provide one another with feedback to develop as strong, confident writers."
Ski/Snowboarding Club -  Mrs. Jordan-Foote
Sign-ups are in the fall and are limited due to space. There is a cost to join. Rentals & lessons available.  Ski club makes five trips to Gunstock Ski Area on Friday afternoons in  January-February. Open to 6th-8th graders. A great way to learn to ski or snowboard!
Spanish Club - Mrs. Jordan-Foote
Open to 7th & 8th grade Spanish language students.  Meets regularly for a variety of activites.
Mrs. Jordan Foote
Student Council - Mrs. Malone & Mrs. King 
Meets weekly.  Representatives from all grades participate.  Work on a variety of projects all year with one of the big ones being the Winter Carnival semi-formal dance.
Yearbook-Design/Layout - Mrs. Puntin
This is the technical part of the yearbook. The members work with the layout and the photos to create the yearbook.  This is open to 6th-8th graders and meets regularly with more meetings at certain times when there are deadlines to meet.   
Mrs. Puntin
Yearbook-Finance - Mrs. Puntin
For grades 6-8, this club meets regularly during the year. The members of this club sell the yearbooks and do fund-raisers to support the yearbook.  
Mrs. Puntin
Poetry Club - Mrs. Ciarametaro
This club is open to all grades and meets regularly to read, write and give feedback on poetry. 

Academic Assistance Program
For 6th-8th graders. You may use AAP for after school homework help.  A teacher runs the group 3 afternoons a week and will help you to finish work or catch up on assignments.  You must sign up daily before 1:00 outside the Guidance office.

 Club or Activities are dependent on student interest and advisor availability

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