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Staying Connected with your Teen

posted Mar 8, 2018, 11:27 AM by Brian Lynch
This upcoming program is great for the parents 5th- 8th graders (all the way through high school, but feedback has been that parents would have loved the information before high school so that they could have gotten their families into good habits before high school).  The program provides tools to help parents guide their kids though adolescence into a healthy adulthood. 

Would you share this with your school community - perhaps an email out to all with the flier and registration details that are below?  I've attached a flier and the registration details are included in this email.  Below, a bit more about the program for your review as well so that you know what you are promoting!

As part of a state contract to provide substance misuse prevention programming for adolescents and their caregivers, TI is offering this evidence-based universal prevention program, Staying Connected with Your Teen.  The program has run in a number of locations so far - Pittsfield, Northfield, Keene, Manchester.  All kinds of families have enjoyed and benefited from the program.  Families who currently have strong communication and family management skills, but want more information and tools as their child transitions into middle or high school.  I have families who are really struggling in these areas.  Grandparents who are now parenting their grandchildren due to various reasons. The whole spectrum. The feedback has been very positive - they build community, get to problem-solve some of the issues they are experiencing, and learn new skills to help them guide their kids through adolescence into a healthy adulthood. 

If you are working with families directly that you think would benefit - it would be great to personally tell them about the program in addition to any mass email.  A number of counselors have called the families and told them about the class or emailed them directly.

I've attached a flier.  The registration details are above.  There is a Facebook event as well, but they need to register through the link below. 

Thank you for your help connecting families to this important resource and please let me know if you have any questions.

Here's the info for them, with the attached flier: 
Brian Lynch,
Mar 8, 2018, 11:27 AM